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Reflection on ” A review and model of journalism in an age of mobile media” by Oscar Westlund

In Oscar Westlunds, review of journalism in an age of mobile media it is discussed that that today’s influx of news through the media is killing the sale of printed newspaper and other forms of printed publications. The reason mobile media is so popular among today’s society is because it is not only very easy to access information but also easy to post and update information. For a long time it was only youth aware of how to use digital information but as of recently adults have become much more “tech savy”.

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Media Consumption Reflection

Monthly financial cost for media usage: $120 – Cell Phone Bill

1) I used to use media very often but as an athlete of the Men’s Basketball Team, I’ve had little to no time to a lot of my normal activities. I definitely use my cellphone most as its 615 minutes were significantly above all my other media usage. I use my cellphone to make calls to my many friends and family. I have stopped using text messaging as much because I found it a waste of time unless it’s important. I have recently lost my laptop, so the only thing I use my computer for is to do my online math homework at the library. This generally takes two hours every night. I often come home really late because of my full schedule, so I don’t get to watch as much television as I would like. But I do make time to watch Scandal and a few NBA games. I use music to wake me up and get me going every morning. I generally have it playing for about two hours every morning. Unfortunately I didn’t read any type of print in these 5 days. I think this is because technology is taking over our society. I don’t own any game console because my parents and I found out a younger age that it distracted from what’s really important. My teammates have a ps3 in their room so; sometimes I go in their play my favorite game, which is Fifa 14. I find myself really into social media networks as a teenager in today’s society. I admit I do spend a majority of my time aimlessly following social media. I don’t generally listen to radio because I have an mp3 player that I use for music.

2) Although my cellphone is my used medium, I enjoy my television most. Growing up I really enjoyed watching movies and following different TV shows with my family. I have become very busy as of late but usually I would watch TV for about 4-5 hours a day. If TV weren’t available today I would definitely suffer because this is the only way I can completely relax and unwind. It may sound strange but watching television is a passion of mine.

3) I derive from media technology in the sense that at my age in this society it is a necessity to be in tune with technology. The need hat seems to be fulfilled with me when I watch television is total relaxation.

4) I chose to give up social media because I found that it would easiest because its something I like to do rather than something that is a necessity in my life. These necessities include my cell phone for important calls and the computer for my online homework. I slightly replaced to social media with more frequent calls on my cell phone to my friends.

5) I found it very difficult to give up social media and definitely a lot more difficult than I thought because I didn’t realize this is what makes me in tune with what’s going on around me. The particular days did matter because I missed various homecoming announcements that I missed out on. No, this didn’t affect my interpersonal relationship with anybody because that’s what my cellphone is used for. Increased awareness of my social media has showed me that I have the power to stop whenever I please. Meaning there is going to be certain periods where I take a break from different media.

Evaluating Information Online

The webpage that i chose was:

The author of this webpage and article is Rose Lilah who is a Senior Music and News Editor for the huge new website “Hot New Hip Hop.” She can be contacted at and on twitter @roselilahhshit. The article was posted on September 16, 2014 and doesn’t have any revisions thus far. There were many working links in the webpage that included advertisements and related articles. The audience of this web page and website all together is young avid hip hop music listeners. Rose Lilah is a very qualified author because she interviews most of the artists and producers she writes articles on. Any problem you may have with any of her articles, she gives you reliable contact information where you can research her. In this particular webpage, we are being introduced to a young and up and coming singer from Detroit named “Dej Loaf”. We are also given a video interview with the article written by Lilah. The content on this website is very much reliable because its years of service and giving the public correct information about many issues and artists in hip hop today. Also there the website that most artists go to to correctly release their music to the public.

Who is Tyler Stone?

Hello Everybody, 
My name is Tyler Stone and I am a legal communication major from Toronto, Canada. I am a sophomore at Howard University. I am also an aspiring lawyer and feel that Howard is the perfect places to pursue this career.

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